This cat hack is inspired by the Clevercat Litter Box. Actually, the concept is pretty simple. Your cat enters the litter box from the top, does the deed and hops out. Everything is contained within the confines of the box, especially the smell. It also stops other pets(dogs) from snooping around. That alone is worth buying the Original Clevercat Litter box, but lets get started making our own.

What You’ll Need:

• Storage container (Amazon)

• Utility blade (Amazon)

• Glue gun (Amazon)

• Square piece of material (Amazon)

Use a large tote with a lid. Take the lid off and trace a circle the size of a dinner plate. Now, cut the circle out using a box cutter.

Storage Box top with felt
Cut a towel or piece of material down to size to create an area that will act as a grip and place mat for your cat to wipe residual litter on. Then glue it to the lid with a hot glue gun.

Clever Cat Knock Off
Once you finish the lid, fill your tote with fresh litter and cover it with the lid. There…all done! You’ve just created your own version of a Clevercat Litter Box.

Of course, if you’d rather save yourself the time and effort, you can always buy the original or something close to it…Click on the links below for more options.

Clever Cat Litter Box
Clevercat Top Entry Litter box (Amazon)

Petmate Litter Pan
Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan (Amazon)

Flip Litter Box Kit
Flip Litter Box Kit – Includes Scoop and Reusable Tarp Liner (Amazon)


Bonus Tips: Where do I put the litter box
If your like me, your first instinct will be to put the litter box way out of smelling distance; Also, you don’t want them tracking litter all over the house—I so get that. However, there is one thing you have to keep in mind; location, location, location. If you place the litter box in a far off place in the house, like an unfriendly basement, on a freezing concrete floor, your kitty’s going to pass. Guess where he’s going to go? If it’s not in the litter box, you can bet it’s going to be someplace you won’t like. So let’s go over some solutions that will help your cat go where you would like them to go. Below are some tips for litter box accommodations that will make both you and your kitty happy.

Easy Access-Make sure that you place the kitty litter box in a location that is easy to get to and private. When a litter box is too hard to access, your cat just won’t even bother—particularly if it’s a kitten or an older cat.


No Noise Or Heat Please-Keep the litter box away from heat and noise makers. Noisy appliances like washing machines and dryers tend to make cats a little scared or nervous. The heat from say, a dryer or a furnace, will make the litter box stink even more; in which case the cat won’t go anywhere near it.


Get Two Litter Boxes-Make sure you have two litter boxes. Place each in different locations of the house—preferably one on every level. This will give your cat a choice—for situations like when someone is using the bathroom a box is in.


Prop The Door-When using a bathroom or closet as a space for your cat’s litter box, make sure that the door is propped open. This will prevent your cat from being shut in or out.

These tips are just a few to get you started, if you have any that you’d like to suggest, please don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments section. Thanks for reading.