If you’re starting to find cat hair on the counters/table tops, in your bed or maybe you’re finding your cat’s footprints in the strangest of places; it’s possible that your cat needs a resting place. Actually, if you really want to make your cat feel at home, he/she will probably need several lounging spaces around the house….and cat’s do love cozy little nooks. So you might want to consider making a cat hammock?  If you want to make a comfy haven your kitty can call his own, here’s a quick do-it-yourself method on how to make a cat hammock. You’ll have fun, both making it and watching your cat play in it. Let’s get started by following the instructions below.

What You’ll Need:

• Cardboard Box 12″ Tall & 12″-18″ Wide & Deep

• Fleece Fabric – 1 yard, a little more if your box is larger. (Amazon)

• Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks (Amazon)

• Utility Knife (Amazon)

• Scissors (Amazon)

Cardboard & Sheet
1. Use a medium sized box and an old fleece blanket you don’t mind cutting. (Amazon)

Box & Ruler
2. Use your hot glue gun/tape to securely construct and fasten your box; so that it remains stable when your cat lays in it. Then trace 3-5″ lines from the edge of the sides of the box. (Amazon)

Box With Cut Sides
3. With a utility knife, cut along the lines you’ve traced and make a square opening on the sides of your box. (Amazon)

Box on a blanket
4. Measure a piece of fleece that is the same size as the bottom of the box; then add 4 more inches on all 4 sides. Now cut your fleece according to these measurements. (Amazon)

Fabric With Cut Corner
5. Now, on each of the 4 corners of your fleece, make a 4″ cut.

Knotted Fabric
6. On each side of the corners, make two small holes two-thirds of the way up your box. Then put the slits of the corners of your fabric through the holes. Then make a knot that is firm and secure.

Finished Hammock
7. Lastly, cut a piece of fabric for the floor of the box—just in case your cat wants to relax on the bottom, instead of in the hammock. …And that’s pretty much it! Your cat can now begin nap time. Thanks for reading.

There is a possibility that your cat might ignore the hammock for a while. If your kitty does not want to come near the hammock you slaved away on for nearly an hour—if that; try putting a toy in the hammock, preferably one that you can put catnip in. Or, forget about the toy and just sprinkle catnip on the hammock; that should get your cat’s attention. You can also put the hammock in a place that’s cat friendly. Cats don’t like to be in low places, so you can try putting the hammock in an elevated position—like on an end table. Also, make sure there isn’t a lot of traffic in the area you are placing the cat hammock. Your cat needs to feel completely secure with his/her surrounds in order to begin relaxing. It would be hard for anybody to take a nap if their guard is constantly up.

Chair Hammock
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Cat In a hammock
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Thanks For Reading.