Need a scoop for your cat’s litter pan, but don’t want to make a trip to the pet store? Here is a quick DIY tip that will show you how to make your own kitty litter scoop.  Follow the instructions below.

What you’ll need:

Basic Scissors (Amazon)

Fluid Carton
Take a plastic milk carton as in the illustration above and draw a line to indicate the area you’re going to cut out. This should be a quarter of the bottom half,  just below the handle. Use the illustration above as an example.  Take your scissors and cut along the line you just made. There, all done. You now have a scoop that can hold you over until you find one on the market that will better suit your needs. It’s totally reusable and eventually replaceable.

Litter Box Scoop
Litter Sifter with Deep Shovel (Amazon)



Bonus Tips: Kitty Litter Upkeep

Scoop The Litter Everyday
The smell of urine and feces becomes stronger each day it goes unattended. Eventually the odor will take over the area the litter box is in and start moving through the rest of your home. Simple upkeep can prevent your house from smelling less than its best. Scoop Daily.


Change The Litter Box At Least Once A Week
No matter how many times you scoop the litter, you’re most likely going to miss something. Sooner or later whatever bits you leave behind are going to stink up the place. If you want to stay on top of litter box odor, frequently changing the litter is a must. When you dump the litter, be sure to wash it out with soap and water; Then put a fresh new batch in. Changing it once a week should be fine; but If you can afford it, consider changing the litter twice a week. Also, try using a litter box enclosure, to keep everything organized and hidden away. The more upkeep, the better.


Buy A New Litter Box At Least Once A Year
After a year’s time, your cat’s litter box will have a considerable amount of wear. Between the cat’s clawing and the scooper scrapping, the litter box will have accumulated enough grooves to make it hard to keep sanitary and odor free. Instead of trying to fight the uphill battle of keeping your cat’s aging litter box sterilized; Donate the old one and buy a new one. It’ll make your job so much easier.

Use A Deodorizer
You can also try using deodorizers to take the edge off of a litter box that delivers a pungent smell. However, cats have very sensitive noses, if the deodorizer scent is too strong, your cat will stop using the litter box all together. So just make sure your cat approves of the deodorizer you pick. Once you choose a deodorizer, shake a little bit in the litter box whenever you scoop it.


Test To See Which Brand You Like
If you pour different brands in different litter boxes and place them in different locations; You’ll be able to determine which brand your kitty likes. He’ll frequently visit the one he prefers more often. Also, you’ll find out which brand will be able to handle the odor better.


Air It Out
If you can, keep your litter box in a large, well ventilated area. Tight spaces tend to concentrate the smell, which will turn off your cat; This will prompt him to eliminate somewhere else in your home. Give your cat lots of space to move around in and for the litter box smell to dissipate.

Thanks for reading, I hope these tips help you make the best decisions concerning your cat’s care.