If you’re a cat owner and have an old shelf that you’re just about ready to throw out; you might want to reconsider. You can use that bookshelf to make a cat agility coarse. We all know that cat’s need plenty of exercise and stimulation; if not, they can become quite irritable. Making a cat agility coarse out of an old shelf is a great solution for their exercise needs. Also, it’s just plain fun watching them run themselves silly through this contraption. To get started, follow the instructions below.

What You’ll Need:

• Corner Irons (Amazon)

• Saw

• Wood Glue (Amazon)

• An Old Shelf You’d Like To Re-Purpose

Saw Shelves
1. Saw small sections out of the shelves, that create a pathway for the cat to travel up and down the bookshelf—similar to the above diagrams.

Wood Glue Shelves
Place the shelves back on the tabs that hold them in place, but before doing so, dab a little glue on the tab so that the shelves will bind in place. This will secure the shelves so they don’t flop around when the cat is running up and down the bookshelf. (Amazon)

Corner Irons
3. As an extra securing precaution, attach a corner iron to the shelf, then screw it into the wall—see the above illustration. (Amazon)

Cat Playstation Without Cats
That’s it, now you know how to make a cat play station out of an old shelf…tell your friends, sharing is caring.

Kitty Condo
Go Pet Club Cat Tree (Amazon)

More Agility Courses
If you don’t have a shelf or you’d just rather not take on such a big project, but you still want to give your cat a good workout; Here are few tips that will keep them on their toes.

Wine Bottle Weave
If you have a few extra wine bottles lying around—preferably large in size—you can make a simple weaving obstacle coarse. Just line the bottles up, leaving them enough of an opening for your cat to weave through. At first, you’ll need to lead your cat through with a feather toy, but after a while…not so much.

Kitty’s Gotta Brand New Bag
If you want to keep it really simple, take a simple paper bag and cut out the bottom. Place it on the floor. Also place a treat on the floor at one end of the bag, enticing your cat to walk through it—very much like the hoop idea mentioned above.

That should be enough to get you started. Keeping your cat happy means keeping your cat active. With the above agility course tips, you and your cat are going to be happy with stimulating bonding time that will keep your cat in tip top shape.