Whether or not your house cat needs a license, depends on the area in which you live. If an ordinance has been established by the local authorities, you’ll have to research the details, to see if it applies to your situation. Depending on your situation, the answers you find can be wide ranging; Therefore, consider the information below as a helpful guide:

  • State Laws: No, House cats aren’t usually required to be licensed
  • Local/Municipal Law: Yes, House cats are usually required to be licensed

Generally, municipalities require the licensing of dogs and cats, starting from the age of 3 months. The reason why a house cat usually requires licensing, is that they run the risk of wandering away from home. Without licensing, an identification tag or contact information, a lost cat’s chances of safely returning home are diminished.

The Rabies Issue

If your house cat does wander away from home, they’ll need an ID Tag indicating their most recent vaccination information. This is a licensing requirement for municipalities. Vaccinations serve as protection for your cat, incase they are bitten by another animal.

Animal Shelters

Another thing to consider, is that if your cat ends up in an animal shelter, without proper ID, the custodians may not know what to do with her. Especially if they cannot determine if your cat has been recently vaccinated for rabies. Furthermore, without having owner information or knowledge as to whether or not your cat is licensed, she can potentially become a candidate for euthanasia. Of coarse, there are other factors, like the shelter’s space availability and how long your cat has been there; but not having proper ID, is not a great place to start in an animal shelter. Also, if you do manage to find your cat at a local shelter, there’s a chance that you might get fined for not having your cat licensed and/or vaccinated.

Basic Cost

  • Depending on the area, Cat Licensing Fees can be $10-25 per year
  • Upscale areas can cost a little more
  • Some municipalities offer online licensing, after vaccination

It doesn’t take long to research what your municipality needs, in order to make your cat legit. Just find your your local government’s webpage and navigate to keyword links like “Pet Ordinances” or “Animal Control”. Follow the requirements they have for pet licensing and get your cat on the right side of the law. Thanks for reading.