If you have a problem with your little fur ball scratching furniture, people or whatever else tickles his/her fancy; don’t declaw your cat, try clipping the nails yourself or use cat nail caps. Cat nail caps are coverings you place on your cat’s claws to prevent scratching on any surface. The nail coverings come in many different stylish colors, making your cat look very stylish. But the best reasons for using this product is that your furniture will be safe and your cat won’t be drawing blood anytime soon…and you didn’t have to resort to declawing. See below for examples.

What You’ll Need:

• Cat Nail Caps (Amazon)

More Alternatives To Declawing

Scratching Post
Scratching is pretty common behavior for cats, you’re not going to get them to completely stop. However, you can train them to scratch on something that’s less important. To start off, you can train them to use a scratching post made of rope. You should do this as early in their development as possible, training older cats is a little more difficult.

If you are training an older cat and they’re not instantly taking to the post; Try smearing some catmint on the rope. They’ll be very attracted by the scent, which helps to coax them into using the post. If they start to fall back into their old habits, spray them in the face  with a bottle of water. Cats don’t seem to like that very much.

Rolled Paper Tap
First let me say that this method won’t hurt your cat, but it is an effective method in training him/her. Now, take two sheets of newspaper—only—and roll them up. Lightly tap your cats face when they are up to no good. This is a great way to get them to stop scratching the things or people you don’t want them to, because they won’t like how it feels. Eventually, all you’ll have to do is roll the paper up and the very sound alone will get them to stop their mischief.

Also, if you grab your cat by the scruff of their neck and tap there paws or face with the paper while doing so, you’ll establish your dominance. This will assert your position as the mother/top cat.

Claws In Please
While you’re petting your cat, he may like to extend his claws. Gently push them back in. By doing this, you are showing your cat that it is not ok to have his claws extended while he’s being petted.

Double Sided Tape
Cat’s hate putting their paws on sticky surfaces. So if you use double sided tape on the surface that you want your kitty to stop scratching, he/she will definitely go else where—preferably the scratching post. Just make sure that you experiment with a small section of the furniture before applying double stick tape to large areas, because it leaves a sticky film—depending upon your goals, that may or may not be acceptable.

That should be enough to get you started. Just remember that scratching is a natural behavior for cats and they can never completely stop it all together, but it can be carefully controlled. Hopefully these tips are enough to prevent you from choosing to declaw your cat.

Thanks for reading.