“We love are kitties, so taking steps to prevent loose hair from becoming a nuisance is a must for your cat’s health and your sanity.”

Cat hair…you would think that it would just stay on your cat, but somehow, it has a knack for finding its way in your shoes, bed, couch and even inside your cat’s belly; which should be a cause for concern. If hairballs start to form in your cat’s intestines, it can cause a serious illness or even death. Not a good thing.

We love are kitties, so taking steps to prevent loose hair from becoming a nuisance is a must for your cat’s health and your sanity. One great tip for how to cut down on cat hair, is to use the FURminator DeShedding Tool. This is a tool you won’t want to live without. This is because most of the cat hair you find around the house, is due to shedding…and you’ll want a tool that can help to counter it’s effects.



  • Lowers the rate of shedding by up to 90 percent
  • Eliminates your cat’s dead undercoat, while preserving a shiny top coat
  • Helps to stop hairballs from forming
  • Helps bring forth your cat’s natural skin oils
  • Promotes healthier skin and coat
  • Reduces allergenic airborne elements

Briefly About Shedding

Throughout the year cats have two major shed times. One shed time takes place in the spring and another takes place in the fall. Each shedding leaves behind a top coat that is consistent with the season. Just as we humans need a fall coat for fall and a spring coat for spring, so do cats. However, since your cat will most likely be indoors most of the time, they’ll be under the same lighting all year round. Which means they’ll be shedding all the time; inundating your home with cat hair and increasing the likelihood of hairballs forming in your cat. Below, take a closer look at the FURminator design to see how easily it can help to deShed your cat and save your home from renegade cat hairs.


Hairballs are undigested clumps of food and hair that form inside your cat’s body. When your cat grooms himself, loose hair collects on his tongue and eventually creates a ball in his stomach. Cats usually cough them up because hairballs won’t pass completely through the body; However, there are times when hairballs end up in the intestines, eventually creating a blockage. This is the part that is potentially life threatening. The way to find out if your cat’s hairball is dangerous, is to check his coat. If the coat seems dull or if your cat seems to be lethargic, there may be cause for concern. The next step is to take your cat to a veterinarian for a professional opinion.

Another way of dealing with hairballs, is to take preventative measures. You know that saying about “An Ounce Of Prevention…” Yeah that applies to hairballs too. So the best way to prevent hairballs from forming, is to groom your cat on a regular basis—Long hair cats especially. Brush/comb your cat’s coat and remove excess hair on a daily basis. This is where the FURminator comes into play.

Grooming Tips

Because a routine for grooming your pet is essential to keep your pet looking good, I wrote a few tips below to help you get started.

  • Give your cat a good bath, washing them thoroughly with the FURminator Shampoo. Afterwards, use the FURminator conditioner. Dry your pet completely before you begin deShedding with the FURminator.
  • If you have a pet with short hair, it’s common to deShed on a weekly basis. However, if your pet is a medium or long haired pet, try deShedding daily for a few minutes to avoid tangled or matted hair.
  • When your cat does have matted or tangled hair, be sure to brush his/her coat before deShedding your cat with the FURminator. Using the FURminator on matted or tangled fur can damage the clipper teeth.
  • Make sure that there are no changes in coloration while you groom. If there are any changes to the coat, please be sure to contact someone for a professional opinion.
  • Lastly…diet, diet, diet. When your pet eats high quality nutritional food, he’ll have a healthier, shinier coat; making your job easier.

The Right Tool For The Job

Another great thing about the FURminator is that it has a selection of sizes to choose from. Just choose a size appropriate for your cat’s body weight/size. To further customize the grooming experience, select a short hair or long hair deShedding edge. When you pair the right FURminator tool with your cat, grooming results will be significantly better.

Five Star Product

The FURminator deShedding Tool is a highly valued product that cats and their owners love. Just take a look at what people are saying in the Amazon Product Review Section. Almost all of the reviews are 4-5 star ratings.

The FURminator Product Line

FURminator has created an entire line for your pet’s grooming needs. Because FURminator is so familiar with the shedding cycle, these products are especially helpful in reducing the shedding of long and short haired animals.

DeShedding Made Easy

In conclusion, the FURminator allows you to breathe a sigh of relief. This is because The FURminator does such a good job of reducing shedding; Infact, it reduces shedding by 90%. You won’t have to worry about finding cat hair in the strangest of places anymore. You and your kitty can live in harmony while keeping him/her well groomed. The FURminator product line can handle any grooming need you may have, keeping your cat healthy, comfortable and safe; which is why both pets and parents love the FURminator.