It’s not uncommon for cats to digest hair while grooming. Because of this, matted hairballs tend to form in the intestines, which have the potential to cause a serious illness or even death. However, there are actions you can take to lessen your cat’s risk of getting hairballs. One preventative method to consider is to grow and feed cat grass to your kitty. Cat grass adds fiber and vitamins to your cat’s diet and a high-fiber diet can prevent hairballs from forming. I’ve already written an article about how to grow cat grass with soil, but below are quick and easy instructions on how to grow cat grass without soil. This method is relatively effortless, saves money and makes very little mess. Let’s get started.

What You’ll Need:

• Coffee filter (Amazon) or paper towel (Unbleached) (Amazon)

• Glass bowl/jar (Amazon)

• Organic oat (Amazon) or wheat (Amazon) grass seeds

• Water, filtered if possible

• Grow stones (Amazon)

Rocks, Filter, Jar
1. Put some grow stones in your jar. Fill it about 2/3 full. Line a paper towel or filter on top of the stones. (Amazon)

Seeds In A Jar
2. Add a thin layer of seeds on top of the paper towel. If you’d like to speed up the process, pre-soak the seeds in water overnight. Oat (Amazon), Wheat (Amazon)

Seeds And Grow Rocks
3. Fill the jar with water up to the paper towel. Keep water at this level even while your grass is growing. (Amazon)

Grass No Soil
4. In a few days your seeds will sprout. In 7-10 days the grass will be ready for your cat to eat. Make sure to keep your grass watered. The level doesn’t have to be as high as when they’re sprouting. Just don’t let it dry out.

If you want to make a cat grass bed but don’t want to grow the grass, try this article on making a grass bed with artificial turf: Make A Grass Bed For Your Indoor Cat


Health Benefit of Cat Grass

Induce Vomiting
I know, why would you want to induce vomiting? Well in situations where your cat may ingest something toxic or a type of food that causes an allergic reaction, the ability to induce vomiting could come in handy.

Speeds Up The Digestion Process
Cat grass can be a nice side to your cat’s main coarse of dry kibble. Cat grass will help that kibble digest easier and faster.

Constipation and Diarrhea
Because it is such a good source of fiber, If your cat has diarrhea or is constipated; cat grass can treat or even prevent it.

Cough Up Hair Balls
Not only does cat grass help prevent hair balls from forming in the stomach, but it also can help your cat cough them up.

As you know, cat grass is a great source of fiber, but it also contains vitamin B and niacin.

I hope these tips and fun facts prove to be helpful to you and your cat.  At the very least, if you follow the instructions, you’ll get cat grass that your cat will enjoy for as long as it takes him to eat it. If you have any recommendations, please don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments section. Thanks for reading.