How much you should change the litter box, depends entirely on how often your cat eliminates. The size and number of cats you own are also a factor. If you have a big cat, then the feces might be bigger than usual. Also, the frequency of urine may happen much more often, than a smaller cat—who might pee less. However, if you have several small cats, then you’ll need to change the box much more often. The type of cat litter you’re using, will also be a factor in “How Often You Should Change the Cat Litter”.

If you’re using a litter that doesn’t clump, for only one cat, then it would be a common practice to change the litter box twice a week. However, if you have multiple cats, every other day might be more effective.

If you’re using a litter that clumps, a good practice, is to scoop the box on a daily basis. Completely change the litter box at least once a month. If you have multiple cats, then it might be more effective to change it at least 2-3 weeks.

Lastly, there are some cat’s that are litter box snobs and really need their litter box to be in tip top shape. If this is the case, then you’ll be scooping and changing the litter box, more often than usual. Try to pay attention to your cat’s elimination frequency, to gauge how you’ll schedule your litter box maintenance. Also, consider consulting a veterinarian for the best routine with different types of litter. When you take into account the above information, then managing your cat’s litter box should be simple. Good luck and thanks for reading “How Often To Change Cat Litter?”