Cleaning up cat stains and odors can be really hard. Especially when your not quite sure where some of them are. Cats usually go off into secret secluded places to do the deed and they usually do it more than once. This tends to create an odor that emanates from the carpet and the underlying floor. So when it comes to eliminating cat stains and odors, our first job is to locate them.

Get A Black Light
In order to find out where your cat secretly goes to the bathroom, you’ll need a black light. A black light will make any hidden stain show up once the light shines on it. You can buy them on-line or from your local pet store. It really is the best device to have if your cat feels the need to urinate in discreet locations of the house.

Use Your Black Light
So now you have a black light, now what? For optimum detection, you’ll want to wait until the evening to use it. When you feel it’s the right time, go to the area you think your cat has been urinating in and shine the light a couple of inches from the surface. The light will reveal not just your cats urine stains, but all stains. However, in the effort to clean your household, I would think that you’d want to get rid of every stain you find. But still, if you just want to identify your cat’s urine stain, spraying will be stream like marks and puddles will be more of a blotchy mass like stain.

Tape It
When you’re done identifying the stain, be sure to mark it off with painter’s tape. Outline the urination stain, making sure to encircle the whole stain. This is done so that you can be sure to clean the entire stain.

Fresh Urine
When cleaning, use paper hand towels to soak up any urine your cat may have freshly laid down. Blot as much of it up as you can, being careful not to push the urine further into the rug/carpet.


Cleaning Product
You’ll want to use a cleaning product that not only removes stains, but odors as well. A product specifically designed to clean pet/cat urination. Nature’s Miracle is designed to clean the toughest stains and odors. Just remember that some stains seep straight through to the floor beneath the carpet. If that’s the case, then the carpet will most likely need to be replaced.


Nature's MiracleNature’s Miracle (Amazon)

When you have applied the cleaner of your choice, let it sit for a while—preferably the amount of time that was indicated by the label of your cleaner. Once you’ve let the solution sit long enough, rinse it out of the carpet according to how the bottle label instructs you. Next, soak up the moisture by lying a towel over the wet area and placing something heavy on it. Continue to do this by exchanging the old wet towel with a fresh dry one. Soak up as much moisture as possible. If this doesn’t work, you can use a fan, pointing it in the direction of the remaining wet spots. This should speed up the drying process.

If none of this works, you can always call professional cleaning services. Just make sure they know that their cleaning cat urine and that the solution they use will be designed for that specific purpose.

Thank you for reading.