Shedding is a natural event in the life of every cat. By shedding, cats replenish their coat and maintain it in a good condition. Shedding is most likely to be affected by the changing of seasons, but if your cat loses excess hair; you should visit a veterinarian. However, even if your cat experiences normal hair loss, it’s helpful to know ways to keep shedding under control.  So let’s talk about deShedding.

Brush Your Cat Regularly

The most effective way to deShed your cat is by giving them a regular brushing. This helps to collect the fur before it falls. They’ll be less hair on your furniture, in the air or swallowed by your cat, which in turn creates less hairballs. It’s also okay to comb your cat several times, say two or three times a week. Long haired cats may need to be brushed frequently to reduce shedding. The more often you brush your cat, the less it will shed. In addition to reducing shedding, brushing also helps maintain coat quality and prevents mats.

What To Feed Cats

Often, what our pets eat has a big impact on the condition of their health, coat, and skin. If you want your cat to be a healthy cat with smooth skin that does not shed much, then make sure your cat eats a good meal. Try cat food that has omega-3 fatty acids as well as omega-6 fatty acids—they reduce cat hair shedding and softens your cat’s fur.


The following are a few tools you can use to deshed your cat:

Metal Combs: Removes tangles, mats, dirt and loose hair

Bristle Brushes: Especially great for short haired cats, the bristle brush can be used to brush off dirt and loose hair from all coat types. The bristles of these familiar-looking brushes may be made of artificial or natural bristles

Pin Of Brushes: A good finishing brush, it’s often shaped like a bristle brush, but with metal pins instead of bristles

FURminator DeShedding Tool For Cats: The edge design allows the tool to easily pass through the topcoat, gently removing the undercoat without cutting or damaging the pet’s delicate skin

This tool is a stroke of genius. It does exactly what it claims, which will save you a trip to a professional groomer. For a video demonstration and more information, click the following link: Furminator DeShedding Tool

Giving Your Cat A Bath

Finally, bathe your cat every two weeks or so with a shampoo designed for cats. If your cat hates baths and gives you trouble in the tub or sink, you can use a wet cloth, some disposable wipes or a water spray. Also, a shampoo for cats, makes the coat of your cat healthier and washes away any loose cat hair. Click the following link to watch a video on “Bathing Your Cat”.

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