Screen doors are often targets for kitty mischief. Often cats can get a little excited about what’s  going on outside and take it out on your door by scratching up the screen. If the damage isn’t too bad; a great tip to fix it, would be to tape it up with window screen tape. Just use a strip large enough to cover the damaged area and you’re done. See the illustration below for a better idea of how to fix your screen door.

What You’ll Need:

•  Screen Repair Tape (Amazon)

Screen Repair
Screen Repair Tape (Amazon)

Bonus Tips: Stop Your Cat From Running Out The Door
The reason your cat is scratching up your door in the first place, is because they’re trying to get outside. Because of this, there may be times when your cat actually does make it outside. Depending upon who you are, this may or may not be acceptable. Assuming it’s not acceptable, here are a few tips to prevent your cat from darting out the occasional open door.


Use Loud Noises
To start off with, cats really hate loud noises. So, we’ll make that work for us in the training process. As they start to move towards the door, take a noise maker—preferably a child’s party horn—and blast it as loud as you can. Make sure that you are:  1. Situated between your cat and the door.  2. Blasting the horn directly at your cat.

Get Some Help
Using two people is even better for training your cat in this manner. You can have one person standing outside waiting with a noise maker—horn— or a water bottle. Another person can wait inside. When your kitty sticks her nose out the door to go outside, the person outside can blow on the horn or squirt the bottle, scaring the cat back into your loving arms. Make sure to pet and coddle her,—when she’s inside—reinforcing the idea that being inside is a good thing. The horn/spray bottle stress the idea that going outside is a bad thing.


Speak With Authority
You can also say no to your cat in a very authoritative voice. As they start to head toward the door,  shout: NO, NO, NO. Your cat will get the message loud and clear and move away. Use this technique in combination with the other tips—mentioned above— and you will definitely get results. You can also use these tips for the following:

Clearly it’s a lot of work getting your cat to behave properly. You want them to feel at home but there are certain behaviors you as an owner have to train them to curb. I hope the tips I presented in this article can help you in that aim. Thanks for reading.