If your cat hates taking water baths—which most do—another way to bathe your cat can be to dry bathe her with wipes that are made especially for felines. Cat wipes are created specifically to give your cat a bath without water. Cat wipes are good for spot cleaning and getting to places that are hard to reach. 

Consider purchasing cat wipes that do not have harsh chemicals. Also, it’s helpful to do a small test—before the bath without water—to be sure that your cat does not have an allergic reaction to the wipes. Another thing to note, is that cat wipes should be used sparingly, as too much usage can potentially dry out her coat. Below are a few more tips to consider, when giving your cat a bath without water.


  • Pick a time when your cat is most relaxed
  • Before using the wipes, pet your cat
  • Use the wipes in a messaging manner
  • Gently wipe your cat’s ears and face
  • Wipe her paws

Waterless Leave-In Shampoo
An alternative to using wipes, is to use a waterless shampoo. There are many waterless cat shampoo options, however, it’s helpful to choose a product that is all natural, non-toxic and won’t dry your kitty’s skin. Consider brands that are approved by veterinarians or consult your vet for the best options. Below are a few tips on using a leave-in shampoo for a cat bath without water.


  • Pick a time when your cat is relaxed
  • Follow the directions for usage
  • Message the foam evenly on your cat’s fur
  • Wipe away the extra foam
  • Using a pin brush, brush the remaining
    shampoo into your cat’s coat
  • No need to rinse

In Conclusion
If you have a cat that is not fond of taking full water baths, there are alternatives. Using wipes and waterless shampoos, can be a less stressful experience for both you and your cat. Also, remember to be mindful of the instructions and ingredients. Pay special attention to any allergic reactions, that the ingredients may cause your cat. Being gentle and loving, can also be helpful in having a relaxing experience, while cleaning your cat. Thanks for reading “How To Give A Cat A Bath Without Water”.