It feels great to snuggle with cats; especially when you’re feeling like you need to give a little affection. The only downside to the snugglefest, is that you end up with cat hair all over the place. But hey, don’t stop the lovin’ just because of a small technicality. Just read the following instruction on how to remove cat hair and you’ll be back in the love & affection business in know time.

What You’ll Need:

• Rubber Gloves (Amazon)

• Packing Tape (Amazon)

TIP 1: Use Gloves To Pick Up Fur
1. Put on a pair of rubber/latex gloves. (Amazon)

Use Goves To Collect Fur
2. Run glove along furniture surface. The hair will automatically stick to the gloves.

Collected Cat Fur
3. For added effectiveness, dampen your gloves with water.  You can also use a broom/push broom with rubber bristles to sweep up hair on the floor.

TIP 2: Use Tape To Pick Up FurTape pick up fur
Adhere packing tape to the fur you want to remove and peel it up with the fur attached to the sticky side. Do this until you are satisfied that all the fur is removed. (Amazon)

TIP 3: Use An Inflated Balloon (Amazon)
Take an inflated balloon and rub it across the area you wish to rid of fur. The static charge  will attach the fur to the balloon, where you can then remove and put in the trash. Repeat this process until all the hair is removed.

TIP 4: Use Fabric Softener (Amazon)
You can also use fabric softener to pick up hair. Just rub the area with a fresh sheet. It would also be effective to dampen the area with a wet fabric softener, then use the above methods to remove the cat hair.

TIP 5: Preventative Methods
Put your clothes in an area that the cat doesn’t go in. Make sure your cat is well groomed. Vacuum regularly and wash linens, rugs and everything the cat touches.

TIP 6: Rubber Shoe Souls
First make sure that they’re clean. Then put them on and run your foot across the area that has the cat hair. The cat hair will begin to accumulate so you can put it in the trash.

Tip 7: Velcro Curler
Try using velcro curlers. These are useful because they can be used to get into tight places. Just roll it over the hair and it will pick it right up.

Tip 8: A Soft Cloth, Furniture Polish Or Anti-Static Dusting Spray
If you have wood furniture, use anti-static spray or furniture polish to remove the electric charge; making the task of wiping hair up with a cloth, fairly easy.


Tip 9: Pumice Stone
When trying to remove cat hair from your carpet, run a pumice stone on the area in question. When done gently, the hair will pick right up.

Tip 10: Use A  FURminator (Amazon)
This is a great little invention designed to collect hair without ruining your carpet. This is a purchase very much worth the money you pay.

Tip 11: Dry Mop
If you have a hardwood or laminate floor, an electrostatic or microfiber dry mop will do the best job of pushing hair to one location so that you can sweep it up.

In closing, I’m sure that if you apply these tips, you’ll significantly reduce your cat hair problem. If you have any tips you’d like to add, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. Thanks For Reading.