Cat hair can be a real nuisance, especially when it manages to get all over your clothes. If you’re looking for a few methods to remove & keep cat hair from your clothes, then you’ve come to the right place. This article provides common sense tips to keeping your clothes free of cat hair. But first, lets try to understand why cats shed their fur in the first place.

The Reason Cats Shed
So when we try to understand cat behavior, a rule of thumb is to think about their natural instincts. What did they do before they were domesticated and why? In the case of shedding, cat’s did this to survive the elements. Although cat’s shed their hair little by little through out the year, they have two major shed times to take notice of. These shed times take place in the spring and in the fall. They do this to create a coat that is consistent with the weather. This is very much like humans. You wouldn’t wear winter clothes in the summer, would you? Cats have to change their coats or they won’t be able to survive the change in season. In the case of domesticated cats, the same rules apply; and since they’ll probably be under the same lighting conditions all year round, they’ll be shedding all the time. So lets take a look at what we can do about it.

What You’ll Need:

• Packing Tape (Amazon)

• Fabric Softener (Amazon)

• Lint Roller (Amazon)

• Furminator (Amazon)

Washer Machine & Cat

1. Throw your cat hair covered clothes into a dryer with a dryer sheet or just rub your clothes down with a dryer sheet if a lint roller isn’t available. (Amazon)

2. Close the door to your closet. Cats always find a way to get in the closet and put hair on your clothes.

3. Use packing tape to lift the hair balls off your shirt with the adhesive side. (Amazon)

4. Brush Your Cat.  You can really stay ahead of the game if you take  5-10 minutes to brush your cat. Cat’s love it. You win too, because you’re brushing off what will eventually shed anyway. Your cat’s hair will come off in one place, so collecting them will be a lot easier than finding random hairs in your sock drawer. Just make sure that the brush you use is a curry brush. Buy one with soft rubber bristles so that it can easily collect loose hair as your brushing.

5. Hang your clothes in the closet. Cats usually find a way to get in the dresser drawers, so try not to use your dresser for clothes. I know…What are dressers for right? But, sometimes for the greater good, you have to do things that are counter intuitive—and that’s the only philosophical statement I’m making in this article…I promise.

6. Put your cat on a healthier diet. When you upgrade your cat’s diet, you’ll notice that her fur will become fuller, shinier and less likely to fall out when you’re petting it.

7. Vacuum as much as possible. The moment you slack up, is the moment hair starts to accumulate.

8. Use a furminator. This bad boy is a device used to remove excess hair…and does a pretty good job. (Amazon)

9. Don’t pet the cat. When your all dressed up and ready for a night on the town…Don’t pet the cat, don’t pet the cat, don’t pet the cat. That is your mantra, say it ’til your one with it.

Following these steps will significantly help in managing the hair your little fur ball sheds. If you have any tips to add, please don’t hesitate to post them in the comment section. Thanks for reading.