One thing about cats is that they really know how to get into places that you don’t want them to. As cute as that may seem at first, but after a while, watching your place turn into a cat tree can be a pain in the butt. If you’re reading this, you have probably experienced a situation where you are preparing dinner and the cat jumps on the counter—ruining your prep area. Perhaps you were sitting down at the table to eat and the cat jumps on the table; spilling the pitcher of lemonade. Maybe you’re trying to get some work done and your kitty jumps on the computer keyboard; taking up space and valuable work time. I know, I feel your pain. Well, you’re in luck, below I’ve provided a few tips that will help you stop your cat from jumping on counters, desk and tables. Let’s start with your work space.

Stop Hogging My Work Space
Cats have an uncanny ability to know exactly when you’re working and disturb you with needy request for you to pet them. Distractions from your cat can really cut into some serious work time. So here’s a tip that will show you how to stop your cat from hogging your work space.

Cat In Game Box
Simply turn over a board game box top and place it away from the area that you have to work in. Your kitty will immediately get up and go sit in the box top. An added measure would be to put catnip and toys in the box top, but it’s not necessary. That’s it, problem solved. Now you can get back to work.

Scratch Lounge
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Sorry, Counters And Tables Are Off Limits
So when trying to train your kitty to stop hopping up on tables and counter tops, you have to use something they hate to discourage this behavior. Try making a loud noise when he jumps up on the counter. Most cats hate loud noises and if you do it in their face, they’ll immediately hop back down from the table or counter. After while they’ll come to understand that jumping on the counter means loud noises and that’s a big No, No.

A few ways to make noise:

• A soda can with marbles or pebbles in it

• Say no very loudly, several times

• Growling loudly, like a mother cat

• Roll up a newspaper and slap the counter with it

• A child’s horn, one you can blow into to make it sound

If you do all these things and they still don’t move, pick them up by the scruff of their neck and place them on the floor. Don’t pet or coddle them, they need to know that jumping on the counter/table is frowned upon.

Squirt Some Sense Into Your Cat
You can also try using a spray bottle to stop your kitty from jumping on the counter. A few squirts of clean water in her face usually does the trick. However, if that is not enough of a deterrent, you can try a combination of the above mentioned tips. Blow the horn, smack the counter with the paper and spray water at them, one right after the other. After a while of that, your cat will get the hint and won’t want to deal with the hassle.

Thank you for reading my article on how to stop your cat from jumping on counters, desks and tables. I hope that it helped you solve your problem. Please look through the rest of the site for more great cat hacks.