All cat owners know about this one and are irritated by it—and rightly so. Kitty litter tracking is probably one of the most annoying parts about owning a cat; because it doesn’t stay in one place…it gets everywhere. Eventually you contribute to it’s spread by getting it on your feet and tracking it all over your home. This article is aimed at helping to prevent the spread of litter around your home. But first lets get an understanding of what’s actually happening.

When your cat uses the litter box, litter sticks to her fur and paws. This is especially true on those occasions when your cat likes to dig a wishing well into the litter. In doing so, they kick and throw litter all over the place. Once their done they begin their trek to every corner of the house, leaving a trail of litter in their wake. So now that we know how the litter ends up all over the place; Lets see what we can do about it.

Try A Different Litter
Try using a litter that has a heavier weight to it. Lightweight litter tends to track easier than the heavier weight and newspaper pellets don’t track at all.

Frequently Clean The Litter Box Area
Keep a broom and a dust pan by the litter box and make sure that you sweep up as much litter in the immediate area as you can; Do so on a frequent basis. This may seem like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people let this part of litter box upkeep go unattended—sometimes for weeks at a time. You should sweep/vacuum the litter box area multiple times a day. Try using a litter box enclosure to keep everything neat and hidden away.


Put The Litter Box In Another Box
Try to contain the litter box. If you have a spare bathroom you’re not using, put the litter box in the tub of that bathroom. This way when your kitty is done using the litter box, most of the litter will come off in the bath tub.

If you don’t have a spare bathroom, try using a spare tray or storage container to  place underneath the litter box. The idea is to give your cat a few more steps, allowing the litter to fall off on the tray or in the container.


Try A Litter Box With High Sides
Litter boxes like these go a long way in preventing the tracking of litter—if not eliminating it all together. Clevercat sales just such a litter box. Their product has a lid with a hole big enough for entry; it does a great job of trapping in the smell. You can also make your own. I created a DIY article that will show you how to make one or where to buy one, your choice.

Use Litter Trap Mats
Consider getting a rug that’s designed to trap kitty litter. These mats typically have built-in grooves that are made specifically for the job of trapping litter. It’s an added precautions that gives great results.  Below Are A few recommendations.

• Cat Litter Trapper (Amazon)

• Blackhole Cat Litter Mat (Amazon)

• ToughGrip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat (Amazon)

Bonus Tip: Squeeze Bottle AttachmentVacuum, Cat & Ketchup Nozzle
Kitty litter can get into some pretty inconvenient places. Places that are tough for your regular vacuum attachments to get to effectively. This could lead to some pretty cruddy crevices. Well, Hacks For Cats has the perfect DIY solution that will allow you to vacuum kitty litter from tight areas with no problem.

Place a condiment squeeze bottle top on the nozzle of your vacuum tube/hose. The suction from the vacuum will keep the top on while you vacuum litter out of those tight places.

I hope these tips provide you with enough info to reclaim your home. Kitty litter is quite a nuisance, but I’m sure that if you apply what you’ve read here, you’ll see good results. Thanks for reading.