This article is the second part of a review series on litter box furniture. I put together my top three picks in the hopes of making the decision making process for you easier. If you’d like to read the first review, please click on this link – Litter Box Furniture Review: Nightstand Pet House

Litter Box Furniture – Bench

This litter box furniture – bench (By Designer Catbox) is sturdy, but also classically designed to blend in well at home. With this, you wont have to worry about litter being kicked out on to the floor(The inside panel and staggered entrance makes sure of that). At your convenience, you can put the outer hole on the left or the right side. It’s painted with a glossy, non-toxic, lead-free paint which ensures durability. The opening you use to change the litter box is positioned at the top and fastened on with a hydraulic safety hinge. When the lid is down, it doubles as a bench. However, I wouldn’t buy it for the purpose of being sat on by humans(It’s too small for that), your cat is going to love it though. For color, you can choose between white, expresso, and black. If your home color scheme works with one of these colors, then you’re ready to rock. The only con is that it’s a little smaller than expected so bear that in mind as you plan out how to fit it into your decor.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed to prevent litter from being kicked out onto the floor
  • Contains the smell
  • Prevents litter tracking
  • Easy to assemble
  • Converts to a bench
  • Blends in well
  • Hydraulic hinged lid
  • Three color choices
  • Great way to conceal the litter box


Not very tall

All-In-All, I would say that this is a good buy, when trying to conceal your cat’s dirty deeds. Just bear in mind the size of the product. It’s the right size for a cat, but the wrong size for a grown adult to try and sit on. That said, I give this product 4.5 stars out of 5. This, is a worthy purchase.

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