This article is the second part of a review series on litter box furniture. I put together my top three picks in the hopes of making the decision making process for you easier. If you’d like to read the previous review, please click on this link – Litter Box Furniture Review: Bench or if you’d like to read the first review, please click this link – Litter Box Furniture Review: Nightstand Pet House


Litter Box Furniture Review – Washroom Bench

The Litter Box Furniture – Washroom Bench is a fantastic product!!! It’s great workmanship that is strong and sturdy, created entirely out of solid wood. If you want size, this is your go to, for concealing your litter box. This bad boy is designed to fit any size litter box your heart desires(even extra-Large). Whatever the size, you can be sure that the smell will be trapped within(Without Odor Prevention Products). It has a partition that can to be removed. This is great for storing your scoop, litter and other supplies. You can choose to put the opening on either side of the enclosure. Also, on the front end, are two doors that give you access to the litter box and any other supplies you may have and awesomely, it has holes in the center back base of the wall, just in case you have a need for a plug. Also, don’t worry about light, because the entrance hole allows enough in to not make your cat’s business such a dark affair. Finally, your color choices are between white and walnut. Whatever color you choose, nobody will ever suspect that there’s a litter box inside; except for your cat, which will just go right inside. This really is a piece built to last and I really can’t find any cons. I highly recommend this with 5 out of 5 stars. Buy It!!!


  • Great workmanship
  • Spacious
  • Fits any size litter box
  • It has partitions that can be removed
  • You cat put opening on either side
  • Double door access to litter area
  • Contains the smell well
  • Hole for electrical chord
  • Sufficient lighting Inside
  • Tree color choices




In conclusion, I realize that looking for durable litter box furniture is not an easy task, I created this review to serve as a very quick guide to help guide you in the decision making process. If you find that this article or any of the previous articles I created on the subject is helpful, and you will be buying one of these products, it would be greatly appreciated if you use one of my links. At no additional cost I will earn a commission. Thank you and good luck.