If you have a particular area of your house that is infested with fleas, flea traps are a great way to capture and kill them. With material that you most likely already have, you can create your own DIY flea trap. Used in combination with other flea control methods, flea traps can be very effective in reducing fleas in your home. Let’s get started by following the instructions below.

What You’ll Need:

• 1 Shallow Dish (Amazon)

• Dish Liquid Soap (Amazon)

• 1 Tea Light Votive Candle (Amazon)

• Green Light Bulb – Dark (Amazon), Light (Amazon)

• Hardware Mesh (Amazon)

• 1 Lamp (Amazon)

• Water

Sink Graphic
1. Fill a shallow dish with water. You’ll be able to catch more fleas if the sides don’t serve as a barrier for fleas wanting to jump in. (Amazon)

Soap In A Dish
2. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap to the water, then swish it around with your fingers. Adding liquid soap helps the fleas sink to the bottom and drown. Without it, they’ll remain on the surface of the water and most likely hop away. (Amazon)

Flea Trap Under Night Stand
3. Put your trap where you have the flea problem. First, set a towel down to absorb any spills, then place your bowl on the towel.

Clock Over Flea Trap
4.  Let the trap sit overnight. Fleas begin to be active around dusk and stay busy all night long. So it is best to set your trap during this time. Try not to mess with the trap once you set it. Just let it sit until the morning.

Note: Pour out the old water with dead fleas and refill your trap every morning. Rinse the dish, then pour in fresh water and soap. Place the dish on the towel again. Repeat this process until your flea problem is solved.

Lamp Over Flea Trap
5.  Water and soap are not enough to attract fleas, so in order to attract fleas, you’ll need a light source. Use a directional lamp and position it over the dish. Just before you go to bed, shine the light into the dish. The warmth and light will attract the fleas causing them to jump into the trap. (Amazon)

Make sure to use an incandescent bulb or a heat producing bulb to be sure to attract the most fleas. Only use a sturdy lamp that has a low risk of being knocked over. Make sure you can close the door to the room, so that people and pets cannot enter.

Yellow and green lights are great for attracting fleas. Their eyes are sensitive to these colors because they’re similar to plant life. A green bulb tends to be the most effective. Also, since fleas are attracted to shadows, try dark green. It does a good job of creating a shadowy effect. Dark Green (Amazon) Light Green (Amazon)

Put A Votive Candle In The Middle Of The Dish
Flea Trap With Votive
To create light and warmth, you can also use a votive or tea light candle. Just put the tea light in the middle of the trap before you go to sleep. When the fleas try to go for the warmth of the candle, they’ll fall into the trap. (Amazon)

Note: Do not put the trap near the drapes, walls or anything else flammable. Be very careful and use the best fire safety methods when you burn your tea light candles.

Use An Indoor Plant
Plant And Flea Trap
Because fleas are attracted to carbon dioxide, plants are great for attracting fleas. Plants are especially good for attracting fleas while they’re young.

How To Prevent Your Cat From Drinking The Water
Hardware Cloth Over Flea Trap
What if you can’t keep your cat out of the same room your trap is in? To prevent your cat from confusing your flea trap with his/her drinking bowl, just put a 1/4 inch piece of hardware cloth over the trap. An oven rack works well too…anything that will let the fleas in, but can prevent your cat from drinking the water. (Amazon)

If you decide not to make your own trap and would much rather look into a commercial option, take a look at the alternative below.

Flea Trap
The Ultimate Flea Trap (Amazon)

Thanks for reading.