Like humans, it’s important for pets to consume a diet that supports a healthy immune system. However, routinely feeding your cat healthy foods, with the right nutrients, can be quite a challenge—especially if you have a busy schedule. Conditions like squinting, watery eyes, sneezing, poor respiratory health or the common cold, can become an issue, if preventative measures are not taken.

One measure to consider, are supplements, that help to support your pet’s immune system. While supplements are in no way a substitute for a quality diet; supplements are designed to support a healthy eating program, by adding essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, that aren’t always abundant in pet food.

When administered with a healthy diet and regular exercise, immune system support supplements, helps your pet by bolstering a robust defense, against common ailments. Of coarse, you’ll have to do research to see what supplements will best suit your pet’s needs. So, in the hope of making your search easier, below is a quick, at-a-glance list of “7 Quality Pet Immune System Support Supplements”, for your review.

7. L-Lysine Powder
Chicken Liver Flavor
By Strawfield Pets

Strawfield Pets presents a L-Lysine Supplement Powder, that supports the immune system, without the aid of antibiotics or cat medications. This product contains 900mg of L-Lysene Hydrochloride per scoop and has a chicken liver flavor, which makes it more enticing to eat. Just administer by sprinkling it over your kitty’s food. Cats and kittens of all breeds, can benefit from it’s immune system support. It’s designed to treat eye infections, coughing, sneezing, runny noses, congestion, colds and feline herpes. Each container holds 200 scoops and is made from natural ingredients.

6. SeaMeal Powder
Kelp-Based Supplement
By Solid Gold

Solid Gold, Sea Meal, is a kelp based supplement, that is designed to support the health of your pet’s skin, coat and immune/digestive system. It’s a natural and holistic, grain-free supplement, that contains digestive enzymes, magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc, b vitamins and pineapples. Safe for both cats and dogs, it is a formula that also contains seaweed, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Sea Meal helps your pet’s food, to be more digestible; it’s a powder, that can be mixed, with your pet’s wet meal.

5. L-Lysene Powder
Poultry & Fish Flavor
By Viralys, Vetoquinol

Viralys is a L-Lysine Supplement Powder for cats and kittens, that helps with conditions like squinting, watery eyes, a runny nose and sneezing. It supports your cat’s immune and respiratory health; while the poultry and fish flavor makes it palatable to eat.

4. L-Lysine Powder
Fish Flavor
By Tomlyn 

Tomlyn Immune Support, provides a daily dose of fish flavored L-Lysine, for cats and kittens. A dose of 1-2 scoops, will give your kitty support for a healthy immune system, respiratory system and normal eye functions. It also helps with squinting, inflamed and watery eyes, a runny nose and sneezing. Administering the dosage, is as simple, as adding it to your kitty’s food.

3. Vetri Lysine Plus
Chicken Liver Flavored,
Bite Sized Chews
By VetriScience Laboratories

Vetri Lysine Plus, are 120 bite sized, chewable supplements, made to support your cat’s immune system. It’s vet recommended and has a chicken liver flavor, making it more palatable for your cat to eat.

2. FortiFlora
Cat Probiotic
By Purina FortiFlora

FortiFlora is a Cat Probiotic Supplement, that contains high levels of antioxidants. It’s designed to support your pet’s immune system, while promoting balance and normalizing the health of the intestines. It’s also created to help with diarrhea.

1. Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
By Zesty Paws

Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, is made for cats and dogs. It’s created to be a healthy, delicious treat, that helps to maintain the health of your pet’s coat and skin. Pure Wild Salmon Oil, is natural and contains Omega Fatty Acids, to help support joint functions, the heart and immune system health. Administration takes a few easy pumps of oil, into your pets food.

In conclusion, when it comes to maintaining the health of your pet’s immune system, there is no replacing a good diet and routine exercise. However, Immune System Support Supplements, are an option to consider, if you’re looking to add helpful nutrients, that pet food doesn’t always supply. Fortunately, there are some quality supplements on the market.

The above list of “7 Quality Pet Immune System Support Supplements”, doesn’t represent everything that the market has to offer; However, it is a start, that can help point you in the direction of some ideal supplements, that are designed to help fortify your pet’s immune system. Thanks for reading.