What can you really say about a scratching post?…I mean really, they do what they do…right? Well, there’s quite a few things you can say. These days they come in all shapes and sizes, making it more complicated to choose what’s right for you and your cat. Well, I put the following list together to try and get you to hone in on the right product. So take a look and I hope that this genuinely helps you on your quest.
10. Go Pet Club Cat Tree
The first thing you’ll notice is that the beige you see in the picture is more like an ivory in real life, but as cat trees go, it looks pretty good and will work well with most home décor. It’s easy to assemble, taking about 5-10 minutes to put the whole thing together. There are four levels (covered with a kind of felt like material) and six columns (covered with sisal rope). The columns can be constructed to fit your cats needs. Once together watch your cat have a ball.
9. PetStages Easy Life Hammock
This affordable, but unique hammock was made into an X-design that creates a space for naps and scratching. It can be flipped over for continued use or flipped down for storage. Also, as a bonus, Catnip comes with it.
8. Petfusion Vertical
This durable scratching post is designed in the shape of a triangle. The shape creates a sort of cubby hole where your kitty can rest or play. It’s made out of a recyclable cardboard created layer by layer for a sturdy scratching post. Lastly, it’s easy to store away once your cat is done playing.
7. SmartCat Bootsie’s
This scratching post is well suited for cats that are frisky and have a need to be aggressive. Hang it up on the wall or lay it down on the floor and let your cat have at it. Great for cats who like to make short work of your furniture.
6. Trixie Baza
This may seem like just a hammock, but holding it together are two columns that are also doubling as scratching posts. This is great if you have a few cats. While one is using the hammock, others are using the scratching posts. For cats of all ages.
5. Sofa-Scratcher Furniture Protector
This piece is meant to guard against cats that like to tear up furniture on a regular basis. It comes in a variety of colors so that you can properly match it to your furniture. Your cat will have a better time scratching this—Instead of your couch— and you won’t have to yell as much.
4. Feline Nuvo Grand Forte
This is a quality scratching post, made of extremely durable & thick wood so that your kitty can go to work for a long time to come. The post is wrapped in sisal rope, over a felt like material. Declawed cats have fun with this one as well. It’s easy to clean and store.
3. SmartCat Ultimate
This is a 32” post designed to give your cat a nice stretch as well as keep it’s claws trimmed. It helps with exercise without having your cat shed all over the floor. It can withstand the most aggressive scratching, from the smallest to the largest cats.
2. Mollie and Friends Cradle
This scratching post is different in that it has a u-shaped cradle at the top as it’s perch. Your cat will find that it’s quite comfortable and a nice reward after scratching until his heart is content on the pole underneath. The base and the perch are made of a quality carpet to prevent shedding. The post is made of a durable sisal rope that will last a long time.
1. PetFusion Ultimate Lounge
This scratcher has a very modern look that doubles as a lounger. Perfect after your cat gets his daily scratch workout on. It also comes with organic catnip.
Obviously, this isn’t everything on the market, but I hope that you’re able to find something close to what you’re looking for. At the very least, you now know what you don’t want, at the most you know exactly what you want. Thanks for reading.