If your cat happens to wander away from home, a CAT ID TAG is an ideal security precaution to take, when you want to increase the chance that your furry friend returns home safely. Furthermore, it’s considered the most effective way to find key information, that can help a concerned individual, quickly and easily return your pet to you.

Cat ID Tags are small and inexpensive—stainless steel or plastic—shapes that attach to your cat’s collar. They’re most effective, when the proper, up-to-date information is inscribed on them. To help you get started, this article will present the type of information, that is most commonly inscribed on CAT ID TAGS.

Contact Information

The information below is typically what’s used on a Cat ID Tag:

  • Your Cat’s Name
  • Pet Owner’s Name
  • Pet Owner’s Address, City and State
  • Pet Owner’s Phone Number

Be sure to use a contact number that you—the owner—are available to answer most of the time. If you have a LAN line or a second contact number, you should also include that on your Cat’s ID Tag. The numbers that you use, should be connected to a working voicemail or answering machine—for the times when you are not available.

Add An Additional Message

You can also inscribe an additional message on the reverse side of your Cat’s ID Tag. This space can be used to let others know your cat’s dietary needs, medical concerns or you can leave a funny message, that will endear people to your cat even more. 

Funny message examples


For more customized message ideas, Click here.

Attach A Second Tag For Rabies Vaccinations

When you get your cat vaccinated for rabies, the vet or technician will give you a tag, inscribed with the vaccination information. You may want to consider attaching it next to the Cat ID Tag. If your cat becomes lost, it’s good that others are aware of her most up-to-date rabies vaccination information. A vaccination tag can also come in handy, if you decide to travel with your pet—as most travel services require this credential. Also, if for some reason your cat loses her Cat ID Tag—in some cases—you can use the vaccination ID number, to find contact information.

Things To Consider About Tags

  • Make sure to get a size that is appropriate for your cat 
  • Oversized tags can be an annoyance to your cat
  • Oversized tags can potentially cause injury
  • Consider tags that slide on the collar, instead of hanging from the collar
  • Consider collars that allow you to embroider info on the actual band
  • Be sure to securely connect the ID Tag to your cat’s collar

In conclusion, Cat ID Tags are a good way to provide the necessary info to an individual who is concerned with helping your kitty get back home. With the right information, the likelihood of you reuniting with your loved one, is significantly improved. I hope that this article helped you to decide on the most effective information, to put on your Cat’s ID Tag. Thanks for reading.