When The Heat Is On
A cat in heat can be hard to deal with when your’e trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in your home. For instance, getting a good nights rest can be difficult, when there are annoying mating sounds coming from the stray cats outside. It’s bad enough to have to soldier through the irritating sounds of feral cat love making, but what do you do when the cat in question is your beloved kitty? The closer proximity can make it a lot harder for you to ignore. Fortunately, there are some techniques you can implement, to make your life less stressful during your cat’s mating period. Below are a few tips to consider, when you want to know “What To Do When Your Cat Is In Heat.”

A Little More T.L.C.
A little tender loving care can aid in relieving the stress of a cat in heat. Consider treating your cat to extra brushing, petting and overall attention while she’s going through this sensitive period. You just might discover that a little more T.L.C. can relax your cat, helping her to better deal with the pressures of estrus.

Provide A Place To Retreat
As humans, when we feel uncomfortable or stressed, most of us would like to retreat to a quiet secluded place. Most cats are the same way. If your cat is not getting the attention she desires from the opposite sex, try providing a peaceful space for her to recoup herself. Preferably someplace up high, like a cat tree or a closet shelf.

Cover All Escape Routes
Make sure all exits and openings to your home are secured. When your cat is in heat, she’s a flight risk; she’ll want to escape and find a mate. To prevent her from leaving your home, you’ll have to be vigilant about covering all escape routes.
Regularly Clean The Litter Box
While in heat, cat’s typically like to mark their territory. If you regularly keep the litter box clean, they’ll be more inclined to continue marking it, than furniture, rugs and various areas around the house. Furthermore, consider staying away from ammonia cleaners, they can potentially encourage your cat to spray in the areas in which they’re used.

Play Relaxing Music
There’s a saying, “Music Soothe The Savage Beast” and when an animal is in heat, the beast part becomes quite apparent. To relax your kitty during her mating season, consider playing ambient electronic music, relaxing classical music or smooth/mellow jazz. At the very least, you can drown out some of your kitty’s yowling.

Herbal Remedies
Herbal remedies are considered to be a good option for calming your cat and managing her stress levels. Catnip and Bach Rescue Remedy are common choices, just be sure to administer them with moderation to avoid over dosage. Also, consult a qualified veterinarian to find a suitable herbal option for your cat.

Patience Is The Key
In conclusion, during this period your beloved kitty can become aggressive, loud and quite keen on running out of the house. This kind of behavior can be very irritating. However, a little patience and tender loving care, is the key to helping her pass through this highly sensitive cycle, with the least amount of stress. Thanks for reading.