Shedding in cats is a normal process of losing dead hair and is not necessarily a cause for serious concern. It is a common cat behavior. Okay, but why do cat’s shed?—you might ask. Cat shedding occurs for several reasons; the primary one is the change of seasons. In winter, when it’s cold, the cat’s skin grows long and thick. When summer comes around, the cat begins to lose fur.

When Do Cats Shed?

Contrary to the popular belief, your cat does not lose hair just to annoy you or keep vacuum cleaner and lint brush companies in business. Hair loss follows the seasons, more specifically, the amount of sunlight available during the day—with spring and fall being the two major shedding periods of the year. In winter, when its cold, cats shed to make room for thicker layers of hair so that they can keep warm in the winter. Conversely, those thick layers fall out in the spring.

When Do Cats Shed the Most?

Most cat breeds shed throughout the year, although there are certain times when they shed more than others. Cats may shed more during the winter and spring; then all the excess hair must leave the body come warmer months to prevent the cat’s body temperature from overheating. Another time that cats shed a lot is when they are suffering intense moments of stress or anxiety. In addition, many diseases can cause cats to have high levels of stress, which can lead to a higher rate of shedding.

How long does cat shedding last?

Except hairless breeds, all cats shed their fur everyday throughout the entire year. Cats shed all year long, but much less in the fall to prepare for the winter months. Then, they lose all their extra fur during the spring months. It is understandable to be concerned about your cat if it suddenly becomes bald. There are many factors that can cause a cat to shed excessively.

Why Is My Cat Shedding So Much Hair?

Excessive shedding is the main symptom of allergen irritation in cats. The skin rash and irritation caused by allergies prompt the cat to scratch at the same spot hard and often. Shedding can also be a sign of a more serious problem with the health of your kitten. If your furry friend shows other unusual symptoms, consult your veterinarian.

How to Get My Cat to Shed Less?

Shedding is part of cat physiology, even for so called hairless cats—cats who actually have super-short fur. You can help your cat shed less by controlling a handful of variables. Brushing and grooming can help you tame the shedding. Sometimes a bath can also help. You will need to monitor your kitty for problems related to cat hair. In addition, good nutrition is the key to reducing shedding, because it is the key to healthy skin. If you feed your cat “cheap” food, it will shed more. Cats need high amounts of quality protein in their diet(up to 50% in dry foods).

More F.A.Q. About Cat Shedding

Do cats shed a lot of hair?
Sure, cats shed a lot of hair. Shedding is a natural process of losing dead hair. Outdoor cats may lose more hair in the spring and fall, retaining more fur in the winter. Whereas indoor cats can shed all year around.

Do white cats shed more?
White cats do not shed more hair than other cats. It seems like they do because their hair is found very easily. This is just because the white fur can be seen much more than the other fur colors on most objects.

Do all cats shed hair?
Except the hairless breeds, all cats shed their hair. Some cats shed more than others. Cornish Rex and Devon Rex cats have an undercoat, but no outer guard hair, so they shed less.

Does brushing cats reduce shedding?
Frequent brushing can reduce shedding. It is recommended to brush at least 1 or 2 times per day for long haired breeds and 1 to 3 times per week for Short hair cats. Brush more frequently during the high shedding season.

Do cats shed when stressed?
When cats are stressed or frightened, rapid shedding is a normal physiological response. The hair that comes out is called telogen hair: This is in the resting stage of the growth cycle, just before they are shed.

What to do with cat hair?
Do not get rid of your loose cat hair after a good grooming session! It can be transformed into treasures such as Felted Crafts, Toys, Fancy Jewelry, Yarn and Knit Items. It can also help with Oil Spill Cleanup.

In conclusion, now that you have learned the reasons as to why cats shed. The good news is that proper grooming methods can help lesson the effects of shedding. Brushing, bathing and using the Furminator DeShedding Tool are excellent options for deShedding. Thanks for reading.