If your cat gets so excited about eating, that she tends to eat her food a little faster than she should, you might want to start looking into slow feeder bowls. So, why should I get my cat a slow feeder bowl? A slow feeder bowl is designed with raised grooves and ridges inside of the bowl, to insure that it is hard for your cat to eat her food. The purpose of this is to slow down your cat’s eating, so as to improve her overall health. 

Why should your cat eat slowly?
When it comes to your pet’s eating habits, it’s important to understand that as your cat quickly gulps down her food, she can potentially swallow a lot of air. This can cause your cat to have an upset stomach or it can lead to a medical condition.

Slow feeder bowls are also considered to help with weight issues. If your pet is scarfing down her food, she may not be aware of her limits, until the food is already down her throat. Slow feeders help to regulate how much your cat eats, by merely keeping her aware of how much is enough.

In conclusion
Feeder bowls are ideal if you are trying to get your cat’s eating pace to slow down a bit. Also, a feeder bowl can help your cat to regulate their weight and prevent potential health problems. There are many different feeder bowls on the market for you to choose from and as soon as you make your choice, your cat can begin to eat normally. Thanks for reading “Why Should I Get My Cat A Slow Feeder Bowl?”.