What is a Cat ID Tag?

If you’re like most pet owners, you probably consider your cat an important part of the family. If this is so, then you’ll probably want to do what you can to protect your kitty. One way to do this, is to be prepared for emergencies. Therefore, if you and your pet are separated, you can be easily reunited. An ideal tool to use for this purpose, is a Cat ID Tag. 

A Cat ID Tag is an easy, inexpensive way for your pet to be quickly identified. It’s a lightweight, flat material—stainless steel or plastic—that is a little bigger than a quarter. A Cat ID Tag comes in different shapes and is designed to fit on a collar or a harness. It’s inscribed with pertinent information, that can help concerned individuals care for and ultimately find the home of a lost cat.

High Tech Options

QR Codes

If you’re interested in a high tech option, you can use a Cat ID Tag, that contains a QR Code. Once the QR Code is scanned with a smart phone, the individual will be redirected to an internet profile page, that can contain medical stats, dietary specifics, contact information and/or a money offer upon the pet’s return. Some tags have a 24/7, toll free hotline number, that can assist with finding the lost pet’s home. Also, if you really want to go all out, there are some QR codes that have a subscription service, that will send the owner a notification, the moment the code is scanned.

GPS Tags

Another option is for your cat to wear a GPS locater tag around her neck. The advantage is that you can use a GPS locater, to track your cat within a set proximity, from an app on your phone. As you can see, Cat ID Tags have come a long way and can be quite convenient.

However, in order for it to be fully effective, it’s important that your kitty—indoor or outdoor—wear a Cat ID TAG, all the time. This is because, if an unforeseen emergency makes it difficult for you to get to your pet, an ID Tag will make it easier to find her later.

Simple Options

Embroidered Collars

There are some cat owners, who don’t like the idea of a circular object, hanging from their kitty’s neck. The common concern is that cats with more freedom, are under less supervision and can potentially get the tag caught on something and cause an injury. If you want to keep it simple, there are companies that allow you to embroider your cat’s name and a contact number onto the collar, eliminating the need for a tag. 


You also have the option of using a slide-on-tag. A slide-on-tag is a metal/plastic tag, that a cat collar can slide through, to hold it in place. Slide-on-tags don’t hang or dangle, so you won’t have to worry about them getting caught on anything, while your cat roams free.

A Few More Reasons a CAT ID TAG is important

  • Indoor cats don’t know the neighborhood, making it hard to find their way home
  • If someone else finds your cat, a tag makes locating you fast and easy
  • It’s an easy way to let people know, she has a home and that she’s not a stray
  • Some areas require cats to wear Cat ID Tags
  • It is a requirement for air travel and some other transportation services 
  • It informs others of your cat’s medical status
  • It helps to distinguish your cat, from a cat that looks similar
  • There are some really nice designs out there
  • It reduces the chances of your cat going to a shelter
  • You can inscribe a cool message on the tag
  • It’s considered the most effective way to locate a pet
  • Cat ID Tags are a basic, affordable identification option
  • Peace of mind

In conclusion, when trying to protect your furry loved one(s), it’s important to take precautions. Though you may not want to think about it, unforeseen emergencies can potentially separate you and your cat. If this happens, a Cat ID Tag is an ideal solution, that can quickly bring you and your pet back together again. Thanks for reading.