If you just got a new cat and your intentions are to keep her indoors, you may be wondering if you should invest in a cat collar. Well, as we all know, some cats have a tendency to wander out of an open door or a home emergency can separate you from your kitty. This makes identifying your cat, a crucial step to finding her. A proper collar and tag can help identify your cat to others, helping your cat return home faster.   

Collars vs. Microchips

You may also be wondering how collars & tags compare to microchip technology. As an extra measure of security, a microchip can be inserted, just below your cat’s skin. Once the chip is scanned by a device, important information can be acquired from a registry. 

However, not everyone has the device that’s needed to scan the chip and if this is your pet’s only form of identification, they’ll have to wait until they can get to a person or facility that has such a device. A cat collar will contain contact information, in which a concerned individual can call immediately.


If you’re concerned about your pet’s safety, you can invest in a breakaway collar. A breakaway collar is designed to release easily, if it were to get snagged on a protruding object. You can take comfort in knowing, that your cat is wearing a collar, designed to help her escape situations, that can potentially cause injury.

A few more reasons

  • You can attach identification and contact info
  • You can attach medical concerns and diet requests
  • You can attach a cute message about your cat
  • You can put a GPS Tracker on the collar
  • An attached bell can help you locate them nearby
  • An attached bell can alert garden birds
  • Considered the most effective way to find a lost cat
  • You can distinguish between your cat and a similar cat
  • A collar and tag is a good alternative to microchipping
  • Peace of mind of knowing your cat can be quickly identified
  • Transportation services require your pet to have a collar
  • The chances of your lost cat going to a shelter are reduced
  • A collar and tag can increase the chances of your cat being returned

In conclusion, cat collars are still very helpful. On the occasions when your cat decides to wander far away from home. A cat collar provides the perfect opportunity, to give others the information they need to care for your cat and quickly contact you—the owner. There are a variety of collars available, that are designed to be safe. If your cat doesn’t take to it right away, be patient, with a little time and persistence, they’ll get used to it. Thanks for reading.